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The Sole Factor Team

The Sole FactorWelcome to The Sole Factor the leading shoe review website. We monitor the shoe industry and aim to educate our valued readers with the latest shoe trends and news and share knowledge about buying the correct footwear.

We use unique review criteria to review the best men’s and women’s shoes, orthotic insoles and inserts, comfort socks, compression stockings and other accessories.

Our team consists of medical professionals and writers who are all shoe enthusiasts. We see so many people buying the wrong shoes because they look stylish and then have to put up with discomfort, poor support and foot pain. We have treated many high risk patients with acute and chronic foot ailments and foot problems caused by poor fitting footwear.

Our mission is to detail what podiatrists would look for when buying shoes to prevent, alleviate and manage common foot problems. Some of the common foot complaints include foot pain underneath or on top of the foot, plantar fasciitis, heel pain and arch pain.

We provide engaging, informative and easy to understand shoe reviews so our readers are informed of what they really should be looking for when buying shoes.

The Sole FactorWe started this website because we have a passion for sharing shoe buying knowledge. We have treated patients with blisters, wounds, bunions, toe deformities and much worse from wearing poor fitting footwear.

We want to get the awareness out there so people can avoid foot ailments simply from education and choosing the right shoes. This is especially important for diabetics or people who may have underlying medical issues and can’t risk developing foot issues such as foot ulcers or wounds.

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