Our Podiatrists know best when it comes to choosing the right footwear for any occasion. See Podiatrist reviews for a wide range of footwear from everyday walking shoes to golf shoes.

Footwear Reviews by Podiatrists

best shoe review for plantar fasciitis foot pain

Women's Shoe Reviews by Podiatrists

Have you bought a new outfit or handbag and need a new pair of shoes to match? Then click below to read the best women’s shoe reviews on comfort and support without having to compromise on style.

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Men's Shoe Reviews by Podiatrists

Are your shoes starting to wear and you’re in need of another pair of shoes but don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort? Then click below to learn about the best men’s shoe reviews of the latest men’s shoes.

best womens shoe review to prevent plantar fasciitis foot pain

Golf Shoe Reviews by Podiatrists

From your first pair to your next pair of golfing shoes, our Podiatrists have picked the most stylish and comfortable golf shoes for any foot type. To check out golf shoes that perform, click below to read more

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Latest News-Trends

Have you ever had foot pain and wondered what causes it or how to treat it? Our experienced Podiatrists have answered many of your FAQ. Click here to learn more about the causes, symptoms, treatments, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs

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Insoles & Socks

Ever wondered what orthotics are and if they really work? Click below to learn about the importance of orthotic insoles, comfort socks and compression stockings and whether you have to sacrifice fashion or comfort for real world use

Latest and Most Popular Shoe Review Articles by Our Podiatrists

What To Look For When Buying Shoes?

What To Look For When Buying Shoes?

Shoes that are too tight or too loose can cause rubbing on bones, joints or certain parts of your foot and this may lead to minor complications like blisters, corns, calluses and often results in pain and inflammation. Left untreated and over a longer term other...